Bug Reports

To help get to the cause of the problem, please try the following steps, and post a message on the Bug Reports Forum Page:

  • Look through the Bug Reports Forum Page to see if someone else has found the same problem.
  • From the Tools menu, select Error Console, and check for any errors.
  • Disable all other extensions, restart Firefox, and try to recreate the problem again.
  • Create a new profile, restart Firefox and try again (see Mozilla Profile Support Page for help with profiles).

In your messages, please try to carefully describe:

  • A detailed description of the problem.
  • Screenshots (if possible).
  • Steps to recreate the problem.
  • What happens.
  • What you expected to happen.
  • Does the problem only happen with one particular website?
  • Which version of Firefox you are using.


If you know how to use Bugzilla, you can report and track bugs directly:

  • Enter a new bug for updatescanner.
  • View all bugs for updatescanner.
  • See all open bugs for updatescanner.
  • Search by Bug Number: