How can I export my scanned pages to a new computer?

Update Scanner pages are stored as normal bookmarks in the "Update Scanner's Pages" folder. Select "Organise Bookmarks" from the Bookmarks menu, or use a bookmark synchroniser (eg. Xmarks).

Why does a page appear grey in the sidebar?

This means the site could not be downloaded by the scanner. Check that the URL is correct, and if it continues to fail submit a bug.
Also try increasing the scan timeout in the preferences dialog.

Why do I see strange characters in my scanned page?

Perhaps your character encoding is incorrect. Go to the properties dialog and select "Auto-detect". If this still doesn't work, enter the page's URL in Firefox, and look at which character encoding is selected in the "View" menu. Choose this encoding in the Update Scanner properties dialog.

How do I add the Update Scanner icon to the main toolbar?

From the "View" menu select "Toolbars" then "Customise...". Drag the Update Scanner icon from the customise dialog onto the toolbar.

I've selected "Ignore Changes to Numbers", so why am I still notified when numbers change?

This usually means something else on the page was also changed or deleted. If you want to examine this in detail, try:

  • Click the "New Page" link, right-click on the page and choose "This Frame" -> "Save As".
  • Do the same for the "Old Page" link.
  • Use a file diff tool (eg. WinMerge) to compare the HTML files.